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Premier Designs


My Why!!!

I have been with Premier Designs for nine years and it is one of those opportunities I don't want to give up. Premier has afforded me to be able to quit my full time job and open Eclectic Originals. Working with Premier I meet the most awesome women and I am able to use portions of my jewelry sales to continue giving to my favorite charities. 


Do have an organization that is close to your heart that you would like to raise money for? I would be glad to help. Just book any type of show and I will donate 20% of the sales to your cause. As the hostess you will also receive FREE jewelry, 30% of what the show sales* are. You just pay tax and shipping. 

*Sales must be $200 or more to be eligible for free jewelry.

Host a Show and Earn Free Jewelry

Gather a few girlfriends together at your home, a coffee shop, the break room at work, etc and I would love to show you the jewelry. Shows with $200 or more in sales are eligible for free jewelry. At least 30% in sales can be used towards your wish list. You just pay tax and 

Face Book and Catalog Shows

If you don't have an opportunity to meet with your friends in person, catalog and Face Book Shows are an option too. You can collect orders or refer to my website.